Who is Anne Costner?

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The Rise of Anne Costner: Exploring the Success Story of a Prominent Personality

Anne Costner was born April 15, 1984. She studied in Brown University from 2002 to 2006 and graduated with Latin degree in university of America. During her college time she is very famous among people because she is part of Mock Trial Society in her university. She is well known personality know and in this blog we will see about more interesting information about Anne Costner and her lifestyle.

Parents of Anne Costner

Anne’s father is a famous actor. His name is Kevin Costner. He is famous because of his famous movies and characters in movies. The movies like, The postman, Dance with wolves, robin hood and water world. He won two awards and golden globe awards because of his talented performance. He is well known actor in 90’s and now he directed movies and also acting in some movies.

Anne’s mother is Cindy Costner. She is first wife of Kevin. They both happily married in 1978 and divorced in 1994. They met in college and married after three years of relationship. After divorced Cindy lived away from spotlight and stay away from Kevin.

Anne’s Siblings

Anne has two siblings one younger sister Lily and a brother Joe. As like Anne, her siblings also play some movies with their father. When his father divorced to her mother involved in relationship with another girl and from her girlfriend he has a son named Liam.

Early background of Anne Costner

In her childhood grew up in California and enjoy many memorable moments with her family. In California she loved to relaxed in beach at Carpinteria to the woods in Colorado. Anne with her family enjoy in nature to spend summers beside the kern river with her mother and siblings. She always said that she exploring the nature, feeling relaxing and calming around nature and rivers.

Acting Career

Anne belongs to an acting family. Her father already playing role in industry when her mother is expected. His first movie is Dance with Wolves and he play major role in this movie. Anne play role in Marry McDonnell’s character. After this she played role in water hood as atoll girl. She only worked with his father and main focus on her research work basically making the films documentary.


She graduated from Brown University California. She studied Latin American subjects related to her career and from this she further continued her profession.

Career Interest

When she started writing research work and documentary for Racing Extinction in 2015, her interest in making films prominent. Then sudden she stops to doing work in films and start production, making documentary films.

Production company

Sound off films is her own production company. She established it in 2014 and starting work with Adrienne Hall. They met when she is working on Racing Extinction. Both work on scientific documentary and focus on non-fiction story telling. Anne continuously cofounded an inititative with a friend Mia Hanak called Mosaic of Change. Their main focus on digital visual communication plateform that UNESCO their work anyway.

What is Annie now doing?

Annie has been a Sothebys International real estate agent with Zabilla Group in Ojai and Santa Barbara for the past three years. She continues to contribute to Sound Off Films’ documentaries.

Anne Marriage life

Anne Costner got married in July 2016 on her father’s California property in Carpinteria.Her Vicenta gown had a sheer tulle bodice with a rebrodé lace appliqué top over it, which was divided from the sleek crepe mermaid skirt by a thin matching crepe belt.

Pronovias, a renowned French atelier, created the outfit. She was given away by her father, clothed in a tan suit, while carrying a brilliant and colorful bouquet and wearing a beautiful, lace-trimmed veil.

Anne’s husband is a doctor. His name is Daniel Arturo Cox. He is graduated from university of UC San Francisco School of Medicine in 2011. Furthermore, he done his specialization in internal and palliative medicine.

Anne’s kids

Anne and Daniel have two kids. A four year old son Vincent and two year daughter. They lived happily with their kids.

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