Ben Affleck and JLo love story

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Ben Affleck and JLo: The Epic Love Story That Captivated Hollywood

In this blog you know everything about Ben Affleck Jlo love story. Their epic love story rumour spreading all over the world. In Hollywood they known as most notable couple.

Who is Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck is most popular American actor.  He was born in Berkeley, California, on August15, 1972. He started his career as drama actor, then appear in action, thrill and comedy movies.  Ben is also a producer and script writer. Beside of his work in movies he is well known about his production and director of a movie.

Education and Career

Affleck in his young age living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Cambridge he made sincere friend Matt Damon. Then he started his career and work in commercial and drama. In 1984 he was first appeared in Public Broadcasting Service drama. Affleck perform his first play in Burger King Commercial. After a year he appear in television drama Hands of Stranger and after performing well in First Voyage he also appeared in The Second Voyage of Mimi.

Now from there he starting focus on his career. Furthermore, he also continued his studies. He attends Occidental College and The University of Vermont but for a short period of time. In many movies he plays role of supporting character. Because of his height and postures he offered many roles in movies.

Net Worth

 Affleck charge up to 15$ million per movie. His net worth is great for his luxury lifestyle.

Jennifer Lopez Biography

Lopez was born in July 24,1969. She is living in New York. She is an American Actress and a famous singer in Hollywood history. Jennifer is a Latin pop singer. Despite of her acting she is popular because of her singing skills. In 1980 she first debuted and then she worked hard and become most famous.

Family Background

Lopez raised in a dance-teaching family. From young age she appeared in her first performance. She is too eager to do work and become popular in the world. She made her first performance in supporting part of My Little Girl. After this she worked on fly girls and started her work.


Lopez’s boast her musical career after complete her movies. At first, she released her Latin pop music album. The album “If You Had My Love” went hit day by day. Her musical career got shoot by this album. She is then started the musical career properly.

In 2000, Lopez was nominated for Best Dance Performance. Her second album “Waiting For Tonight” also a hit song in Hollywood history. After this she do a psychologist of child in the movie The Cell. Her popularity got shoot up when her pop music album is come with the movie The Wedding Planner and from this she earned a lot. Her net worth increased by this album.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Affair

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met in 2002. From there love story rise and they are known as lovely couples. The couple date about 2 years and seen every where together. After this they broke up in 2004.

Their breakup was so shocking for all peoples and their fans. After their breakup they started their life and move on. They both started their families. Ben Affleck married to Jennifer Garner and have three kids together. Lopez and Marc Anthony married from 2004 to 2014, and have twin babies.

Their love story gain started in 2021. When they first time appeared together in a public event.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married in 2022

They both date each other a year. There they seen everywhere together and in event, birthday party they appeared. In 2022 they announced their marriage. On July 17 Lopez confirmed in her newsletter they both wed in Las Vegas the night prior.

Their children also attend marriage ceremony happily. Lopez claims that it is the best night of the year.

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