Eva James Jenner: Daughter of Brandon and Jenner 

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They can’t stop smiling—their baby girl has arrived! Leah Jenner announced on Instagram on Sunday that she and Brandon Jenner had welcomed their first child, a daughter named Eva James, on Wednesday, July 22.

“I became a mom on Wednesday, July 22nd,” she wrote. Unquestionably, it has been the most profoundly beautiful period of my life, but it has also been emotionally, spiritually, and physically taxing. and I am extremely appreciative of every minute of it. Eva James Jenner, our healthy baby girl, is under Brandon and my care. Leah, 32, has been posting updates on her expanding baby tummy on Instagram ever since announcing her pregnancy to the world in March.

Jenner As a Mother

Eva james mother

However, the soon-to-be mother wasn’t the only one who was eager to show off her growing baby bump: singer Brandon, 34, joined in the fun in May. Leah captioned a picture of the two competing assets with, “He thinks he’s funny.” Leah, who made waves at a pink and blue baby shower in May, teased that the baby might be a boy, girl, or burrito belly, but she eventually admitted the couple was thinking pink. 

She posted a picture of the soon-to-be parents posing with a pink rose and wrote, “So excited to meet our little girl.” Brandon shared a picture of his wife cradling her bump with his followers a few weeks before they welcomed their daughter, giving them one last glimpse at his wife’s pregnancy development.

Eva James Jenner Biography

Daughter of recording artist Leah Felder and reality star Brandon Jenner. She became famous because of her parents. From a young age, she became a social media influencer. You may also like to read a biography of more celebrities.

Prior fame

Her parents posted the first picture of her on Instagram in September 2015, shortly after she was born.


On her parents’ Instagram accounts, she has often been the subject of pictures.

Personal Life

Her mother is Don Felder’s daughter, and her father is the offspring of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson.

Eva’s Father Brandon Biography

Eva jenner james parents

Born in Malibu, California, on November 24, 1982, Leah Jenner is a well-known and wealthy pop singer in the United States. Leah’s net worth as of June 1, 2023, is estimated to be $5 million. She appeared on the popular reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She made an appearance on Khloe Kardashian’s reality show Maintaining Up with the Kardashians. 

A television personality and recording artist who, with her ex-husband, is a member of the duo Brandon and Leah Alongside her now ex-husband Brandon Jenner, she is a television personality and recording artist as part of the duo Brandon & Leah. In 2012, she won the Independent Front Person of the Year award from the L.A. Music Awards. 

Leah Jenner’s Salary

jenner james networth

One of the wealthiest pop singers in the US is Leah. Based on our research and information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Leah Jenner has a $5 million net worth. Leah Jenner, also known as Leah James, is an American actress, writer, composer, and singer. In addition to her roles in Keeping Up With The Kardashians seasons 8, 9, and 10, her greatest-known accomplishments are her musical endeavors. James is the daughter of Don Felder, the former lead guitarist for The Eagles.

Leah Jenner’s spouse

Our records show that Leah Jenner was wed to Brandon Jenner. On January 12, 2023, Leah Jenner announced her single status. Relationships History: There are no records of Leah Jenner’s previous relationships. We could use your assistance in compiling Leah Jenner’s dating history!

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