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Babyface is an American singer who is highly paid in America. The real name of Babyface is Kenneth Brian Edmonds, well known for his remarkable production in the singing industry. In the American Greatest Peoducer list, Babyface ranked in the top 20 on NME’s 50. In his career, he won 12 Grammy Awards and 26 number-one R&B. This will boost his singing career. Babyface’s net worth has grown at a pace of 6% over the past five years.  

BabyFace Biograpgphy

babyface biography

Kenneth Edmonds, better known by his stage name Babyface, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and businessman. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 10, 1959, and raised in North Carolina. His birth sign is Aries. He has five siblings and two children. 

Early Background 

babyface early background

Kenneth Edmonds was born in Indiana. His father Barbra Edmonds was a pharmaceutical manager. Edmonds has five brothers and 7 band members. He studied at North Central High School in Indianapolis and at that time they were shy youth so they wrote songs to express their emotions. 

When he was in eighth grade, Edmonds’s father died of lung cancer, leaving his mother to raise her sons alone. At this stage, Edmonds became determined to have a career in music. Edmonds later performed with Bootsy Collins who tagged him “Baby Face” because of his cute facial expressions.

Our most current study indicates that Babyface is an American. A person’s nationality can be a source of pride for their country, especially if they succeed in their line of work. People frequently wonder about the nationalities of their favorite celebrities and stars because when someone becomes renowned, their nationality frequently gets intimately associated with their name.

Career in Singing

He was a guitarist for the band Manchild, which had the 1976 hit song “Especially for You” with band member Daryl Simmons. Later, he worked as a keyboardist for the light-funk and R&B band The Deele, which featured drummer Antonio “L.A.” Reid and would later become a productive writing and producing team.

In 1983, he composed the song “Slow-Jam” for the R&B group Midnight Star, earning one of his first significant accolades as a songwriter for outside musicians. The song was featured on Midnight Star’s double-platinum No Parking on the Dance Floor album, and even though it was never a hit with the public, Silent Storm shows continue to feature it. Up until 1988, Babyface remained with The Deele. Popular R&B group Az Yet, formed in the late 1990s, including Babyface. Edmonds collaborates with a lot of popular modern musicians. His first US #1 Top 40 hit, “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” was created for Whitney Houston.

Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” and “I’ll Make Love to You,” which both set records for the longest stay at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, were also written and produced by him. On Madonna’s 1994 album Bedtime Stories, which featured the seven-week #1 hit “Take a Bow,” he co-wrote, co-produced, and sang background vocals. He also shared credit with Eric Clapton on the Grammy Award-winning hit song “Change the World” from the Phenomenon soundtrack.

Kenneth Edmonds Awards 

Between 1995 and 1997, he won three straight Grammys for Producer of the Year. As a duet partner on the Fox reality series Celebrity Duets, Babyface also took part. About two years were spent in the studio working on Ashanti’s album The Declaration with Babyface.

Baby Face NetWorth 

Babyface’s net worth was $250 million US dollars. In his singing career, he earned a lot because of his remarkable performances and amazing song productions.

Kenneth House & Car Collection

He has 20 houses in different countries. Now we are going to tell you about his house collection all over the world. The worth of his house is millions of dollars and owned houses in countries like,

  • New York
  • Madrid
  • Paris Mansion
  • Sydney Apartment 
  • Chicago Villa 
  • San Francisco  

Babyface has a very beautiful collection of cars in his garage. 

  • Bugatti Chiron 
  • BMW X5 
  • Mercedes-Benz EqC 
  • Lamborghini Urus 
  • Tesla Model 

Babyface Relationship Status

babyface wife

Kenneth Edmonds was first married to Tracey in 1992 and then had three children together. In 2005 he divorced her wife and after that, he did not get married again.

Collaborations with Music Bands

Babyface has collaborated with a number of popular modern musicians. Houston’s introduction to R&B music came in the form of “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1990), which was also Edmonds’ first US No. 1 Top 40 smash.

Babyface Height & Age 

On April 10, 1959, Babyface was born. Babyface is currently 63 years old. Babyface is a well-known singer-songwriter in the United States. Check out the details in the part below to learn Babyface’s height, which many fans may be curious about. Keep in touch with us for more recent information.

Born on April 10, 1959, Babyface is a well-known American singer-songwriter. Babyface’s career has brought in a respectable sum of money. In terms of height, Babyface is 1.75 m tall. Check out the complete post to learn everything there is to know about Babyface and to get a lot more information.

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