John Travolta: Lifestyle, Height, Biography and Facts

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John Travolta: Early Background 

He was born on February 18, 1954, to Salvatore and Helen Travolta in Englewood, New Jersey. He was brought up in a Roman Catholic home with a family of six children. At a young age, Travolta began his career in the entertainment field. At the age of 16, he made a cameo appearance in a local theater performance of “Who’ll Save the Plowboy?” He relocated to New York City in 1972 to further his career, when he was cast in the Broadway production of “Grease.” Later, in 1978, he appeared as the lead in the musical’s film adaptation. In this blog, we explore the John Travolta height.

Starting Career

John Travolta Career

In the movie “Saturday Night Fever,” where he played Tony Manero, Travolta had his breakthrough performance. He became a household name as a result of the film’s enormous popularity. Travolta received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his depiction of disco dancer Tony Manero.

Following the popularity of “Saturday Night Fever,” Travolta starred in the 1978 smash film “Grease,” which also became a box-office success. Travolta portrayed Danny Zuko, the boss of a crew of greasers, in the box office hit. Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s duet, “You’re the One That I Want,” from the movie’s soundtrack, became a number-one single.

Successful Movies of John Travolta

John Travolta Successful Movies

The 1980s saw continued success for Travolta. His acting credits include the hit movies “Urban Cowboy,” “Blow Out,” “Staying Alive,” and “Look Who’s Talking.” The late 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s saw a decline in his career, and he had trouble finding box office success.

With his part in the Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction,” Travolta made a comeback in 1994. The movie was a box office and critical hit, and Travolta received a second Best Actor Academy Award nomination. His career was revived by this part, and he afterward starred in several popular films, such as “Get Shorty,” “Broken Arrow,” and “Face/Off.”

Travolta is a skilled dancer and vocalist in addition to his acting profession. His big singles include “Let Her In,” “You Set My Dreams to Music,” and “Greased Lightning.” He has also released several albums. He has also appeared in several musicals including on Broadway.

Relationship Status 

John Travolta Wife

Travolta has had two marriages. His first union lasted from 1991 till Kelly Preston’s passing in 2020. Together, they had three kids. Currently, he is married to model and actress Kelly Preston.

When John Travolta was about 38 years old, he gave birth to his first kid in 1992. 2000 saw the birth of his second kid, and 2010 saw the birth of his third. At this time, John Travolta would have been 56 years old. 

Sadly, the oldest boy passed away in 2009 after having a seizure. John Travolta is undoubtedly now more concerned about his health than he was before. Kelly Preston, the wife of John Travolta, was one of the oldest celebrities to give birth at the astonishing age of 47 to their third child. 

John Travolta: A Legendary Journey in Hollywood

Travolta experienced a personal tragedy in the recent past when his son Jett passed away in 2009. Jett, who had a history of seizures, passed away in the Bahamas with his family at the age of 16 while on vacation.

Travolta is still adored in the entertainment world despite the difficulties in his personal life. Throughout his career, he has received various honors, including a Golden Globe for his work in “Get Shorty” and a Screen Actors Guild Award for “Primary Colors.” 

Travolta is well-known for his charisma, acting prowess, and adaptability. His decades-long work has allowed him to significantly impact the entertainment sector. He is still regarded highly in Hollywood and serves as an example for many aspiring actors and performers all around the world.

The personality of John Travolta

Although estimates vary, many claim that John Travolta is about 6 feet 2 inches tall. He is around half a foot taller than the typical American, who stands at about 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters), which is obvious if you meet him in person.

John Travolta Height

Most people frequently ask questions about how tall is John Travolta. John Travolta’s height is a subject of some debate; some claim he stands as tall as 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters), while others claim he is only about 6 feet (1.83 meters). By CelebHeights, his height is solely given as 5 foot 11 inches (1.81 meters). Now you know the John Travolta height.

John Travolta, who was born in 1954, is currently 69 years old. He made his television debut in the 1970s with roles in the popular movies Carrie and Welcome Back, Kotter. He gained the majority of his notoriety from his part in the 1978 smash hit Grease.

The estimates for this vary, but weight is a variable quantity, so John Travolta must have fluctuated in weight throughout his existence. For instance, he shed 20 lbs while preparing to perform in Saturday Night Fever as a professional dancer.

He is reported to weigh between 80 kg and 97 kg, or 176 lb and 214 lb. He’s a touch overweight for his height, so to speak, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that he has a strong physique, which will affect how much he weighs.

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