Who is Susana Gomez?

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Inspiring Women in Business: Uncovering the Achievements of Susana Gomez

Despite of annoucing in 2020, Susana Gomez and Maluma prefer to keep their relationship private.

Susana Gomez Relationship

Maluma, a well-known international singer, was first connected to jewelry and interior designer Susana Gomez in late 2020. Since then, fans has given brief glimpses into their relationship.The couple’s dating history is unknown, although Hola! reports that they were first spotted together in August 2020. Since then, they have appeared more frequently together, whether it is on family holidays or romantic date nights abroad.

Both parties have kept their relationship private, but the pop star, whose true name is Juan Luis Londoo Arias, stoped outspoken about how much he longs for a relationship like this.

In an interview with PEOPLE, he discussed the meaning of his 2020 single “ADMV,” which stands for Amor De Mi Vida (Love of My Life), which talked about how he sought a life companion.

Regarding the single, which is about a couple becoming older together, he remarked, “That song I wrote because I want that in my life.” “That’s a song that I could say, ‘Yeah, I want to put old and have a family.'” One of my biggest ambitions is to pass away next to someone and dedicate my life to them.

Who is the girlfriend of Maluma? Here is all there is to know about Susana Gomez and her connection to the musician.

Gomez Personallity

Gomez is a jeweler, architect, and interior designer. The star of Maluma is a great artist. She has established a reputation in Colombia as an architect and interior designer. With the introduction of Sileo Timeless Jewelry in February 2023, a business she co-founded with her sister Juliana Gomez, Gomez expanded her skill set as a jewelry designer. Maluma was present at the release party to support her.

Both of them are proud Colombians

Both Maluma and Gomez are natives of Medellin, Colombia, and are extremely proud of it. Maluma told PEOPLE of his birthplace in April 2021, “When people talk about Colombia, they don’t talk about Pablo Escobar anymore, drugs, or violence.” “When people visit Latin America, they think our culture is beautiful. They claim that we are good individuals who enjoy lending a hand. I feel fairly proud of it.

Gomez also draws attention to the region’s amazing natural resources, which she uses to create her jewelry line. Her company posted on Instagram, “[We make] handcrafted pieces made in Medellin, Colombia using precious stones like diamonds, Colombian emeralds, rubies, or other kinds of semiprecious stones. “Despite their many trips, the pair still spends a lot of time in Colombia with each other and their families.

Maluma told Rolling Stone in August 2022, “I want to go back to Medelln, I want to go back to my farm, be there with my family, with my friends, with my animals.” “That is my current source of inspiration. I am exactly that. I don’t need to go looking for something I already have in my possession.

Social media influencers

In December 2021, Maluma and Gomez allegedly became Instagram official. Maluma gained notoriety in December 2021 after sharing a hazy image of himself passionately kissing a woman—likely Selena Gomez—in front of his family’s Christmas tree. He jotted “Thanks, Santa” next to the now-gone image. Since divorcing his ex-girlfriend, model and DJ Natalia Barulich, in October 2019, the picture is first time Maluma had shared a romantic relationship on his Instagram page.


Gomez appears to have been warmly received by Maluma’s family. She has made multiple cameos on his mother Marlli Arias’ Instagram page, including photos from their December 2022 family vacation, in which Gomez is shown wearing a matching cowboy hat with the family one night and wearing all white the next. Arias also shared images from the debut of Gomez’s Sileo Timeless Jewelry line, in which she can be seen beaming with delight and holding her sister and Gomez close. Gomez left her some love in the form of the comment “Mar” in response to the picture.

Many people believe Gomez was the inspiration for Maluma’s song “Junio”

When Maluma’s track “Junio”released in September 2022, fans immediately assumed it was a love letter to Gomez. “You give me heat as if it were summer in June/How cool would it be if you were my girlfriend,” the love song’s lyrics begin. Ocean of the Turks and Caicos, you are my sun and I don’t need the ocean without you.

Regarding the song, he told Rolling Stone in August, “I feel like I’m coming back to my roots.” I felt like I was losing a little bit of myself when I left Medelln and began touring the world with my music. I didn’t feel like [my songs] were a smash, despite the possibility.

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